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Dubai – The city that has it all

Dubai – The city that has it all

Dubai. A thriving city in the rich land of deserts, history, and culture. Grand futuristic vision seeps into every crevice of this beautiful vibrant city. If Dubai is next on your bucket list, you are in for a treat. Dubai’s larger-than-life experience is not just exhilarating, but out of this world, and as most things here, it’ll probably be your holiday of firsts. 


Let me take you through a journey of many treasures in Dubai… 

If you are a leisure-seeker, Dubai is an exemplary place for you to relax, explore the culture and enjoy the city at your own pace. Read on…

 But if you are a thrill-seeker, just scroll down to our next section! 

  • Start your day wandering about in the oldest trade points of Dubai, the Souk markets. Known for the exquisite collection of gold, the gold souk has streets laden with gold jewelry, artifacts and more. As you stroll through these, walk into the spice market and find the most aromatic spices of the Middle East under one roof. These markets are also known for the famous ‘Oud’ perfume and other perfumes as well as textiles. 

  • Explore Dubai from the days of yore at Al Seef. Representing Old Dubai, at Al Fahidi District, a restored heritage site, it has an old-world charm with the wind towers and sandstone buildings, complete with shopping arenas and cafes for a quick bite in the old world district.

  • Cruise through the winding backwaters in the Marina and the Dubai Canal on a Dhow Cruise and watch the sunset by the sea. You can cool down at Dubai’s ice-cafe with a nice hot chocolate.

  • The shopaholics can breathe easy, too. Dubai has the largest shopping mall in the world. Honestly, everything you ever wanted to buy, you can get it right here! The Dubai Mall is a shopper’s paradise and is the best (read: largest) place to buy all the brands you desire and more 

  • Dubai offers hospitality like no other place on earth. After a long day of fun and frolic, should you need some pampering, this city has some of the best spas in the world. Once you’ve been to a spa in Dubai, you have experienced an incomparable level of service, pampering, and comfort. Spoil yourself while you’re here. It’ll be unforgettable, really. 

  • Once the history buff in you has been satiated, the Dubai Frame is your next calling. This is where you can watch the two sides of Dubai blend together as one. The old-world charm meets the futuristic present, the best representation of Dubai. 

  • Take some time out to dine atop the tallest building in the world, The Burj Khalifa. Get a bird’s eye view of the entire city. If you go to the top-most floor, in the morning you can see the edge of the earth, while in the evening, you can see the lit-up nightlife of Dubai. 

If the thrill is what you seek, then Dubai will be your haven. The adrenaline-junkie in you will find its true calling here, too.

  • Start your day early morning with adrenaline rushing through the veins as you skydive into the desert.  Follow it up with an exciting session of dune bashing through the golden sands of the desert. The desert safari ends with a delectable spread of local delicacies and belly-dancing beauties under the starry night sky. 

  • Step into the futuristic world of technology at Dubai’s VR Park, perfect for those inspired by Black Mirror and want a taste of the days to come. 

  • Head to the beach or the cool waters of the largest inflatable water park in the Middle East, Dubai Aqua Park. Close to JBR Beach, it is the coolest hang-out in Dubai if you love watersports, shisha and lots of gourmet al-fresco restaurants. 

  • Dubai is the city with theme parks for everyone. Water theme parks include Aqua venture, at Atlantis, or Wild Wadi, the best ones in town for all the hydrophiles in the house. For the ones who love the scary rides, you have a plethora of options to choose from. IMG Worlds of Adventures is the world’s largest indoor theme park. You can also head over to Warner Bros. theme park, or Motiongate or walk into the world of legos at Legoland. 

Let this city of wonders take you back to your childhood!

  • If you want to try your hand at skiing, head to Ski Dubai at Mall of the Emirates, an indoor ski park, accessible even in the most scorching summers in the region. What a relief, right? 

  • The Dubai Mall doesn’t just house the best brands but is also home to the second-largest aquarium in the world. Plunge into the Dubai Aquarium and Zoo and go snorkeling with your best pals and check out the sharks, otters and more.

  • Party-animals rejoice! Dubai is a LIT place to paint the town red. Some of the world’s best clubs and lounges are here. Whether you fancy a drink or two and want a shisha to kick back and relax with or just let your hair down with the best DJs in town, you can have it all here. Check out White Dubai, Armani/Prive or the beachside Zero Gravity. You can also choose to party it out, Dubai style and rent a Yacht with your squad. Doesn’t that sound fun and amazing? 

Now that you have your entire itinerary ready, what’s the next step? After you’ve booked your flight tickets, the next on your agenda is accommodation. You will find Dubai laden with exquisite options to choose from. If you want to experience the city like a local, we recommend holiday homes in Dubai. Live amongst the every-day Dubai residents and enjoy everything the city has to offer at a lower cost. Holiday homes in Dubai have the best amenities, whether you are traveling with friends, family or just the special someone. 

Holiday homes in Dubai are available on short term rental, be it for a night or even a month. These short term rental holiday homes are ideal because they have the best communities and their locations are easily accessible too. If you are visiting this city of wonders, be sure to check out the holiday homes in Dubai. 

What are you waiting for? It is time to book those tickets! 

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